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Apeejay School, Bhubaneswar, has a strong sports department, which in accord with academics helps bring about an overall development of the child. Sports assures not only physical fitness, but teaches values of fair play, interdependence; whilst decision making and leadership skills are honed just as it develops a pro-active temperament so needed in the global sporting scenario.

The foundation for this is laid in the adequate infrastructure for Indoor and Outdoor Activities. We have capacity to train in Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Taekwondo, Carrom and Chess. Children are given ample opportunity to train in the field of their interest. Daily P.T classes, club sporting practices, afterschool internal tournaments and gaming events and special training before major competitions are some schedules to assist children to acquire the skill and excel. All this is by way of preparing the students to participate and excel in various inter house and Inter- School events. The year 2017-18 has witnessed students participating very enthusiastically and bagging many prizes during the Annual Sports Meet.

The courses offered by Apeejay School are varied, thus providing scope for selecting the event the student desires and wants to take it to the level of career choice, or gaining additional qualifications aimed at self improvement.

A team of trained coaches, for myriad developmental potential, feel honour bound to raise the skill level of the students. With this in mind the Sports Department has planned various other strategies to enhance the skills of the students and are poised to raise the standard through diligent and committed work.

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