For LKG – Class 3
The play area for children in LKG – Class 3 is a well-thought out space that is equipped with a Gardening Zone, Tic Tac Toe, Slides, Maze and Hopscotch areas. The Central Court in the play area accommodates a gardening zone called The Farm, where the children will be imparted hand-on experience in gardening and observe the plants as they grow, inculcating a sense of attachment to Nature. The Nature Club will conduct most of its activities here.

The path leading to The Farm is through a woodland. Natural cut wood form the barks. The child will experience the woods as they crawl, climb through the maze and chase the shadow cast by the foliage. Along the maze the kids would come across a series of terracotta miniature animals. The splash pool in the central court extends into the sand pit and is our attempt to try to introduce the child to the sea shore. The access points to the kid’s pool are controlled both from the main pool side as well as the kindergarten section. The ‘marshland’ acts as a transition between the open spaces adjoining the senior and junior kindergarten sections. A large spider holds this intersection next to the pool entry. It doubles up as a tunnel through which kids can pass. The curved wall adjoining the space has circular openings/ niches that act as windows connecting the two drastically different worlds. Large scale alphabets in the space will act as an extension of the classroom. There will be an elephant bath which will be represented as two elephants taking a dip in a pond of sand. These elephants double up as slides in the sand pit. The space transits into the meadows through a flower bed. A merry-go-round shaped as a flower adds to the play activities of the space. The other end of the kids sections is through the meadows. This space acts as a window to the senior section of the school. The opening is through a series of flowers that could be used as doodle boards for the kids.

For all students
The School will have a full-fledged football field with viewer's podium and sit out areas along the sides as well as a Basket Ball & Badminton Court

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