Pottery and Clay Modelling Club

The process of moving and working with the wheel, soft mud and clay calms the mind and puts the potter in a dynamic meditative state.

The school will have special club to help the children use this wonderful activity to destress as well as explore their creativity. Professional and qualified potters & artists will be invited by the School to guide the club’s activities and training programmes. There will be an annual exhibition of the work for parents and host a tuck shop to sell some of the art pieces created by the students of the club. The training programme being curated includes sessions on burning the students creations in proper furnaces. The club will also invite local artisans to exhibit and share their skills with our students. Odisha provides us a great opportunity to have our children work with best creative masters. Like Jayanta Mahapatra, Pratibha Ray, Suboddh Pattanayak, Birendraprasad Mohanty, Prafulla Kumar Jena, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Devdatt Pattanaik.

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