Digital Classrooms

As a policy, Apeejay Schools Management have taken the leap forward to Digital Classrooms in all their Schools.

The Bhubaneswar School will be the first one to roll out this Policy change. The School will have Digital Classrooms enabling teachers to access a wide variety of resources and content that aid learning and help the Faculty make our children learn the pedagogy: ask questions, self taught techniques, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking. The text book will be one, not the central piece of lessons taught in our School.

Stepping away from chalk boards, the classrooms will have smart boards. Teachers have reported in training classes that students have found it easier to sit focussed and interested in class content when the smart boards/ interactive white board is used for lessons. The Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input (for example scrolling and right mouse-click) in the same way as normal PC input devices.

A central server that houses learning resources for teachers and students will serve as the backbone. Students will be able to access their lessons after school as they will be online. Every class is equipped with Computers, Projectors, Speakers, UPS, Printers and other accessories.

The high-tech state of the art facilities will make the learning process even more enjoyable for our students, enhance learning by making lessons and classwork more interesting and interactive.

All teachers will be given special training to understand and use the system.

Not only will our digital classroom give students the opportunity to create, revise, and publish together but will also allow collaboration between classrooms and the community.

Our Digital Classrooms are designed and maintained by NIIT.

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