Nature Club

Global warming, effect of pollution and impact of garbage on daily life are facts that cannot and must not be ignored anymore. Respect for natural resources and the pursuit of sustainability is no more a choice. It must become a habit and an ethos.

The School will have a Nature Club which will focus on how and what we can learn from nature, what can and should be done to rid the environment of pollutants. The sprawling campus will provide ample opportunity to explore, investigate and understand nature. The students will have their own small garden and cultivate their own plants. They will learn the art of gardening and later they will make projects on conservation and creating a pollution free ecosystem. The club will help the students to make compost within school premises and use it in their own garden. The club will encourage children to use bags made of paper and other recyclable materials. The children will also help in weeding the garden and cleaning up of the area to learn the value of working with the soil and land. The club will also take up tree planting activities and will understand themselves and encourage others to understand the role of trees.

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