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Drama is a fantastic way to teach children life skills. Students must have a world view before they step out of school and the school must play a very important role in this training. Drama is the best way to promote this comprehension of the world and life outside of the safe environment of the schools. It teaches you to talk, walk, interact, and essentially live a proactive life.

The School will have three clubs.

The English Drama Club is perfect for those who are keenly interested in dramatics and have a talent for it. The students, under the guidance of their teachers, will stage comedies, tragedies as well as satires. Apart from the much needed entertainment away from academics, this club will provide the students theatrical knowledge and a platform to hone their histrionic skills. The club will stage plays throughout the year and participate in various inter school competitions.

The Oriya Drama and Cultural Club will celebrate the rich culture of Odisha and explore the nuanced tradition of the land, celebrating local festivals with Oriya dramas and music. The teachers and students will work together to make special occasions successful. Through this club and its activities, we hope will keep our children rooted to their culture and tradition.

The Hindi Drama Club will work at multiple levels to promote and celebrate our national language. Every week a topic based on Hindi language and literature will be selected and children will be guided to put up a show or arrange a debate or prepare a project on it. The club will organize essay writing competitions on Hindi Divas and other important days marked in their calendar of activities.

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