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Under the modern system of education the computer has become one of the most important part of student's life.

The School will have a Computer Club and a specially equipped Computer Science Laboratory where students will be trained to design small softwares and simple coding for new computer programmes. While this club will have its own magic of technology and high end hi-tech expertise whose challenging environment will help new minds to see the digital age as an era in which each of them will flourish, there will also be a Remedial Club. Both will be organised by the Apeejay School Computer Board alongwith other computer related activities.

The Remedial Club, is an extended body of the main club. It will consist of students who are weak in mastering the computer language yet they have a remarkable interest in it. Once the teachers have worked through the confidence and expertise levels of students of the Remedial club, they will be transferred to the main Computer Club.

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