Faculty is the fulcrum of an educational institute and Apeejay Schools have an uncompromising attitude towards selection and retention of teachers. Our repository of teachers is made of sensitive and efficient teachers. They are critical thinkers, leaders in their subjects and exceptional human beings with extraordinary academic record. They are well informed with new methodologies and are equally rooted in traditional knowledge seeking techniques.

Our teachers are highly efficient in operating Smart Boards in our Digital Classrooms and regular train to keep their knowledge up-to-date with technology. Dynamic, creative and sensitive to the needs of students, the faculty’s skill sets are upgraded with new learning systems through workshops, seminars and training programmes organised by the School management.

Teachers for the preparatory and the junior school are selected on the basis of character traits - a sensitive heart, a calm mind and an expanded outlook towards students. Apart from being trained they are expected to have a sincere feeling towards young people. We will have post graduate trained teachers for our middle and senior school sections.

Our Administrator:

Rita Chatterjee
Ms. Rita Chatterjee has been conferred the Award for Best Mentor by Central Board of Secondary Education in 2012. She is also a Master Trainer under the Central Board of Secondary Education Board for various workshops for which she has to travel widely all over the country and abroad. She was nominated by the Central Board of Secondary Education to be a part of the Indian Delegation to China with the purpose of interviewing Chinese Teachers meant to teach Chinese as third language in Schools in India.

Rita is an efficient administrator and a true leader with a wide range of experience in the education sector. She began her career as a modest English teacher in Apeejay School, Park Street and quickly rose to Vice Principal with many more responsibilities. A proficient leader who could help create options and opportunities, Rita ably identified choices and solved problems. Promoted thereafter as the Principal of our Kolkata schools and in a few years given additional responsibilities of the Administrator of Apeejay Schools, Rita is a committed and inspirational colleague and constructs a shared vision of the possibilities and the promise of a better school and great organization. She has won many accolades for her accomplishments in the field of learning and has created a niche for herself in the group of upcoming educators. As an Administrator she makes sure that the teachers have the resources they need to do a good job and provides information that the teachers need to effectively plan and do their work and is someone they can rely on who readily keeps promises. She trains teachers, supports and encourages them and oversees their work with our students. Widely known as someone who creates challenging goals for herself and her colleagues, she has taken Apeejay Schools to greater heights. She is a trusted member of the Apeejay family now sharing her responsibility with the Apeejay School Bhubaneswar.

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